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Lech Walesa revealed the secret which keeps many years

“There is no Poland without Ukraine”

Lech Walesa told that sees Ukraine in Europe

  Lech Walensa - the legendary president of Poland, who tore his country out of the clutches of communism and led to solidarity and democracy, is already 72. He still has a busy life, leaders of different countries address to Walensa for advice. Key issues relate to the arrangement of the Ukrainian-Russian conflict and the future of Ukraine in the light of European integration. In the course of communication has emerged a very interesting fact about the Ukraine.

When communism "tired" - democracy came
  - If someone had told me that I would see Poland so reformed, would not have believed. However, in my opinion, much has done not good enough. This is a true model of governance the country and forms of privatization. Here it is not out of place my famous utterance: "I'm for, but even - against." However, I happy that I am still alive and can see this Poland - says the famous leader.
  Lech Walesa spoke a little about the history of his country. According to him, the "Solidarity" won in Poland when the communist system became obsolete. Before this fight with the system that supported the Soviet Union, it was useless.
  - This is the moment when communism no longer corresponded to reality. Communists themselves have ceased to protect your system. Most of them studied abroad and were able to compare Poland with the West. They have ceased to defend their ethos, but still want to remain in power. As a result, they become easier to talk and fight - says Lech Walensa. - Our party concluded that it was time to do something serious. Then we turned to the best tools - trade unions, uniting the idea of freedom of representatives of different professions.
  After the overthrow of communism in Poland started a period of democracy building. The community divided into different political parties. Then "Solidarity", headed by the legendary president consisted of 10 million members.

Poland was on the point in the EU with Ukraine
  According to Lech Walensa, now Europe needs a completely different solidarity.
One that will help aligns the various countries in development. Those who are richer will understand those who are poorer.
  - My grandfather and father were told that no free and independent Poland without a free Ukraine. I literally imbibed this with mother's milk. In the second term of his presidency he planned, that Poland would join the EU and NATO, together with Ukraine and Belarus. The negotiations were successful - in fact, the decision was made   - Lech Walesa revealed the secret. - However, I lost the presidential election, and it violated all the plans. Now Ukraine urgently needs to catch up Poland. So let us work together to make a breakthrough quickly and cost less. Out of a deep Ukraine’s crisis, legendary president sees the settlement of the political situation in the Russian Federation:
  - Russia in the person of Putin violates all the agreements concerning the guarantee of the territorial integrity of Ukraine. If this is not stopped, there will come the end of civilization. Now the world must defend Ukraine, to show solidarity. From the beginning, I proposed a very simple scheme. It is necessary to organize the 20 wise men as representatives from various European countries in the same group. Next - to develop a number of points in relation to further cooperation with Russia, and to invite interested countries to provide their recommendations for the settlement of international relations. In the interests of all - to pull Russia out of the pit, in which it stuck because of the policies of Putin. These 20 people have to make daily calls to Putin and dialogue, focusing on how to conduct any loss or other his steps. This tactic will have results because it is tested on own experience.
  According to Lech Walensa, Putin has no chance in the world confrontation. The only thing he can do - to bleed.
  - Russia in its development is late for 30-50 years compared to the West. This is concern freedom and democracy. The quality of military equipment is also inferior to the West and the United States. Nevertheless, Russia, which is characteristic of its style, continues to intimidate. It always wants to have an enemy. Enemy disciplined this country. Therefore, it cannot use the principles that guided us in Europe. However, Russia does not have to live in such conditions. It is time to change something.
According to the Polish leader, Putin checks the European and global solidarity.
  - We were and we are solidary but it is not about to send forces against Russia. In fact, Europe and the world need Russia, but the other - continues  LechWalensa.
  - It is not one that will scare with nuclear weapons, but free, such as we are. And then you can eliminate the border ... If Russia is peaceful, Ukrainian industry will not need a global reorientation. With improved technologies, Ukraine will continue to cooperate with the Russian Federation on mutually beneficial terms.

Europe fears that Ukraine could bankrupt it
  Lech Walesa considers Ukraine a strong country with great potential:
  - With these resources, you can feed the whole of Europe, and it is a fear here. If Ukraine joins the EU, the Polish agriculture will become unprofitable, also affected Germany and France. But if you approach the situation with the mind, you can make that everybody will earn money. To do this,  we should distribute  who will do what. But before that happens, Ukraine must work hard on their formation - need to organize and create long-term programs. Yet it is important to carefully choose the leaders and fight corruption.
  According to the legendary Polish President, active people in each country comprise no more than 10 percent. They can change their political views, but will always be active. They cannot be forced out of the country, but on the contrary - you need to bet on them. Lustration - is good, but it should be wise – that which bad off, leaving only the good.
  - Europe is not interested, that in Ukraine there were problems. Instead, Ukraine should be similar to the control system - says Lech Walesa. – When there are no necessary mechanisms and "villains" from inside break already created things–there is no will to help. You must understand this, and to establish order inside. Then the world will definitely help you.
Meeting with Lech Walesa was held with the 
assistance of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and The Fund of International Solidarity (The Solidarity Fund Pl).

Office Lech Walesa is the European Centre of Solidarity in Gdansk

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